Thread: Type.GetType() returns null

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    Type.GetType() returns null

    I'm using Type.GetType(string) to extract the type from a string. The string contains the fully qualified name of a type. In my case it is:

    String typeName = "ToolShed.Tools.NotifyService";

    I tried the exception throwing version of GetType, and it said that it threw because it couldn't find the type in the current assembly. However, since I have fully qualified the type name WITH an assembly, shouldn't it look there?

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    You did not qualify an assembly, you just gave the namespace of your type. It may still reside in another assembly ( file ).

    Maybe you can describe what you plan to do with the call so we can suggest another method. Dynamically loading something doesn't really make sense; if you know the name beforehand you can as well link the assembly as a reference like normal, I guess.

    If you want to load another assembly at runtime, have a look into the Assembly class.

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    Sorry, yeah. I was a bit confused and I didn't explain my intentions very well:

    The assembly that the type lives in IS loaded when the program is run. The user will be able to input a string that represents a type (I will then Activate an instance of this type using the remoting framework). So, I have a string which contains the type name, and I need to obtain it's Type from that.

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