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    HTTP Post Question

    I wrote some code in VB to send XML to a HTTP server. I am including that code below. I confess that I do not know C# but I have a customer who is asking if we would know how to do what I did in VB in C#. Below is the VB code can someone please provide the C# equivalent if it's not too involved. Thank you very much:

        Dim oWinhttp As New WinHttpRequest 
        Dim sResponse 
        'sXML is a string containing your XML to submit 
        With oWinhttp 
            Call .Open("POST", " ") 
            Call .SetCredentials("your_user_name", "your_password", 0) 
            Call .SetRequestHeader("POST", "/emkt/xml/submit HTTP/1.1") 
            Call .SetRequestHeader("HOST", "") 
            Call .SetRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml") 
            Call .SetRequestHeader("Content-Length", Len(sXML)) 
            Call .SetRequestHeader("SOAPAction", "/emkt/xml/submit") 
            Call .Send(sXML) 
            'Wait for the response. 
            Call .WaitForResponse 
            'Display the response text. 
            sResponse = .ResponseText 
        End With

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    I don't think C# has the With keyword so something like:
        WinHttpRequest oWinhttp = new WinHttpRequest;
        String sResponse;
        // sXML is a string containing your XML to submit 
        oWinhttp.Open("POST", " ");
        oWinhttp.SetCredentials("your_user_name", "your_password", 0);
        oWinhttp.SetRequestHeader("POST", "/emkt/xml/submit HTTP/1.1"); 
        oWinhttp.SetRequestHeader("HOST", "");
        oWinhttp.SetRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/xml");
        oWinhttp.SetRequestHeader("Content-Length", sXML.Length); 
        oWinhttp.SetRequestHeader("SOAPAction", "/emkt/xml/submit");
        // Wait for the response. 
        // Display the response text. 
        sResponse = oWinhttp.ResponseText;

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    Thank you!

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