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    Configuration file

    I need to have a configuration file to keeps settings for a application that I'm writing. What's the best / standard way of having a config file. Current I'm using just a .txt file, I'll need to use values in the config file multipe times and don't want to rea the file everytime. Can anyone offer some help.


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    C# features several solutions for saving/restoring settings.

    One solution is simply save the settings to the module directory. Another solution is the registry. You can also get Windows default saving directory and store the settings there. The latest solution is called isolated storage. You pass it the level of seperation such as assembly, username, domain, and roaming. It saves and restores the settings without you needing to know where.


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    I tried creating a XML .config file. I don't get any error's but the string that holds the Key value is null. Does anyone have an example program? Thanks


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