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    Recommended C#/.NET Book


    After analyzing the software industry, I believe C# and .NET are and will remain apart of a major set of development tool on the Win32 and Win64 platform second to only a combination of C/C++. With that in mind, I would like to ask what is the most complete and advanced programming book on C#/.NET?

    Here are the books I am considering.

    Programming Microsoft .NET by Jeff Prosise

    Pro: Very good overall
    Con: Broad and emphasizes .ASP

    Programming Windows with C# (Core Reference) by Charles Petzold

    Pro: Complete - discusses all GUI tools, etc.
    Con: Fundamental - many examples of Windows Forms and no advanced design including multithreading, etc.

    Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming by Jeffrey Richter

    Pro: Extensive coverage of CRT and .NET
    Con: Overrated, lacking advanced subjects including multithreading, etc. It is not like his previous book on Win32 programming.

    I am trying to buy as few books as possible and still acquire a good overall understanding of C#/.NET and extensive converage of the framework for maximizing an application's performance. I am interested in multithreading, multiple processes, memory mapping, IPC, serial communication, socket, etc.

    I believe I can learn the specifics (GUI) via experimenting, MSDN, and of course forums.



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    I answered a PM last week that the same question:

    thats a tough question, not because there aren't good books, but because C# is so easy to understand once you know C++ and a hint of Java that it is hard to find the differences between good books and average books.

    First there is a book by Petzold: Programming MS Windows with C#. While it is a nice read, it's not the bible it used to be for C++.
    I would not recommend that for learning C# although something with Petzold on the cover looks tempting

    I read "Presenting C#" from Sams and "C# Essentials" from O'Reilly while .NET was in Beta ( 2001 ? ). Both are rather small, 200 pages each, but both present C# without all the overhead you'd need when presenting something to a programming newbie. Both aren't exactly exceptional material, but short and to the point. I guess they had revisions since I read them anyway.

    "Inside C#" from MS Press ( Tom Archer / Andrew Whitechapel ) has about 800 pages and is the standard reading on .NET/C# here. It doesn't neccessarily have more content then the two short books above, but it's more detailed and has more examples.

    I read those books when they came out in 2001 in english, so I can't say whether the revisions did them any good or how well they have been translated, but I found the old english versions to be easy and understandable. There are a lot of newer books on the subject, but that's the ones I read and found helpful

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    Okay. Thanks.


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    I bought "Programming C#" by Jesse Liberty, third edition, as it is "Updated for 1.1 and VS .NET 2003", which is the software I have. As far as I've got, it's okay, but comng from C/C++ I suppose I would think that.

    It has a few mistakes in it, there are a couple of early examples which will not compile due to missing semi colons for example, but anyone coming at it from here should be okay with that kind of goof.
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    I'm currently enjoying the Kick Start to Visual C# .net 2003 book by Steven Holzner

    It assumes you know the basics of programming, and just hops right in on the new syntax of C# and everything.

    I recommend it

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