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    Native Compiler

    Since i see there are some Java disussion here as with C#, so..

    Remotesoft Have a .Net native compiler........ I wonder has any body use it before? Does it support every .Net framework componet? ( Like Winform GUI? )

    Because i want to find one for Java but so far i have only got GCJ, which doesn't support any GUI apps.

    Making applicatoin in Java sometimes scare people away. Making a Native version means they don't have to install .net or JRE.

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    I haven't used the product personally, but I read all the stuff about the Native Compiler on their website and in my opinion based on what I read, it sounds like there wouldn't be a problem with any portion of .NET. They say they have seamless integration with VS.NET, that version 1.1 is supported (which makes it sound like they have completed support for 1.0 at the very least), and several other things. Plus, the program works off of files that have already been partially compiled.

    It does sound like the programmer would need to have .NET installed, and remember that for the end-user, there will still be a small run-time redistributable needed.

    Sounds like a good idea, but a native compiler somewhat defeats the whole purpose of .NET in the first place.

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