Quick question.
I have an application in which I am accessing a MySql Database. Everything is fine except for when I try to add some lines to a DataTable. The very first Row I Add takes 6-7 seconds, after that I never have that problem again until I restart the application. Following is a snippet of code where the problem occurs:

			DataTable dtDocAppts = dsDoctorList.Tables["DoctorAppts"];
			DataTable dtDocs = docSql.PullDocs();
			//Load Doctor Number and Name
			foreach(DataRow dr in dtDocs.Rows)
				DataRow myRow = dtDocAppts.NewRow();
				myRow["doctor"] = dr["doctor"];
				myRow["name"] = dr["name"];

//Right here is where it takes so long on the first add				
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing this.