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    Creating Custom Controls

    Hi. I have a question for you all. Isn't the use of custom controls are used for creating controls like custom-made sliders, knobs, switches, etc.? I have done some experiences with creating Windows Forms and code it with C#.
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    well thats not all the story ... U can create composite controls .. which mean a combination of 2 or more different controls... An example would be like your entry form ... instead of every single time creating a new inquiry form .. like the one used in hotmail .. or any other web site .. u can create a single control that is a composite of 2 or more controls. .. so instead of creating the label and text fields each time u have to create a inquire .. just use the composite control..

    You also have ur inheritied control .. i use this alot for my buttons. .. so i can change the shape give it a better gradiant color ... etc ... Which would inherit from System.Windows.Form.Button

    or use the System.Windows.Forms.UserControl to create what ever fancy's u ...
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