Thread: basic questions on C#

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    basic questions on C#

    hi guys i had some simply questions on C#

    1. is that true C# has the ability to handle with garbage memory itselff ?

    2. what about the pointer in C# ? can we ignore it now ?

    3. is C# flatform independent ? what about if we want to develop C# projects on other platforms such as *nux ?

    thanx for any reply~
    Never end on learning~

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    1) Yes.

    2) There are pointers.
    But they can only be used in so called 'unsafe' blocks.

    Like this:
      int* p;
      //do whatever you like
    3) The mono Project is porting dotNET to Unix ->
    Hope you don't mind my bad english, I'm Austrian!

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    thanx i'd glad to get pointers are not that important in C#, aha, most of time it refused me much

    and, mono project seems no power support ? .Net is very huge and it must be hard to make a transfer i think ...
    Never end on learning~

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    Not to mention that MS wrote it to suit the Windows platform...
    All the buzzt!

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