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    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to understand something here. I have a windows app that starts out with a main screen. You click a toolbar button and it opens up an appointments screen. In the Form's class declaration, I create an instance of a user defined class. I have a timer declared within that user defined class. It seems that from the main form when I create an instance of the appointments form, it hits the class declaration for the user defined class for the first time. But it hits it a second time when the code says It is like it is creating 2 instances of the timer. When you actually create and then show a form, do the classes that are created within that form actually get initialized 2 times????? Why would my timer be created 2 times. I only have one new statement for the timer and that is withing the form class header.


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    Can you post some code how you create and show the second from and how you create and start the timer ?

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    I just found the problem.
    It was my fault.
    In the appointments code, I actually had 2 classes defined:
    Doctors and MySQL.
    The appointments form created and instance of MySQL and so did Doctors. That is what I was looking over, Doctors.

    Thanks a million for the reply,

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