Thread: Learning C# vs C++

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    Learning C# vs C++

    From a learning point of view, how similar is C# to C++?
    For example, if I took a course in C#, would I then be able to program in C++? (so far I've only studied c).

    Also, before taking a course in Visual C#.Net, wouldn't I need to be proficient in another language such as C++, VC++, etc?

    Thanks for your help.

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    From a beginners point of view, the two languages are completely different. Only when you know one and try to learn the other, similarities will become apparent.

    If you want to learn both, start out with C++. If you are proficient in C++, you should have no problem with any aspect of C#, while being a C# expert might still hide some advanced C++ features from you.

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