Thread: When exactly should a StringBuilder be used?

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    When exactly should a StringBuilder be used?


    I’m very interesting in when to use exactly the StringBuilder?

    For example for something like this?:

    String strTest1 = “This”;
    String strTest2 = “Test”;
    StringBuilder stbTest = new StringBuilder();
    stbTest.Append(strTest1). Append(“is a ”). Append(stbTest);

    can someone provide some sample codes when to use a StringBuilder?

    And can someone tell me his experience about the performance of a StringBuilder?



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    System::String is optimized for static, non-changing strings. System::Text::StringBuilder is optimized for string operations like replacing, appending, deleting etc.

    If you are doing more with your string than just formatting it once, StringBuilder will be more efficient in speed and memory management.

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