Thread: parenthesis, "(", has a matching closing parenthesis, ")"

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    parenthesis, "(", has a matching closing parenthesis, ")"

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to write a program that does Expression evaluation, the expression is can be a conjuction of expression or conjuction of expression and condition.

    for example:
    (((a+1) > 1) AND(a != 0))

    I want to make sure that i have a vaild statement so i want to make sure their are appropriate "(" and close ")" parenthesis. Please let me knwo if you know of a C# or C++ or C code that already does what i need to do.

    I also want a suggestion of how about doing this...:-)

    Thank You,
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    int num_paren = 0;

    You increment it everytime you see a '('
    You decrement it everytime you see a ')'

    If it's ever negative, you've got a problem
    If it's non-zero at the end, you've got a mis-match
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    What would be the easy way to delimite by AND/OR

    Hi Everyone,

    The input got me going, now my question is how to i make it so it delimits by AND/OR. So before the delimiting the string will be like:
    ((((a+1) > 1) AND(a != 0))OR(x > y))

    after the delimiting it will be:

    Please give me your suggestion on how about doing it...

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    In C# you can use the Split Method on strings. It will return an array of strings containing what you need. Such a simple logic might not be enough for your needs though, as your split method has to be sensitive to brackets...

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