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    Most of those links need to be pruned, they're all dead. I don't know about books, but here are some decent tutorials:

    C# Station
    C# Key: C# 4.0 Programming

    I haven't looked too much here:

    C Sharp Programming - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

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    C# learning

    Check this link , it is simple and step by step

    C# Tutorial , C# Help , C# Source Code


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    Its more gaming orientated but these are the links I have recently been using alot since the XBOX live indie game market uses C# with XNA. 2012 (c) - Tutorials - Demos - Software and Game Development
    A C# Crash Course - RB Whitaker's Wiki
    Forums - Xbox LIVE Indie Games Forums

    Alot of information about developing on the xbox in those three sites
    Virtual reality hello world in html and javascript.
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    For books I can recommend the followings: ebook - List of freely available programming books - Stack Overflow
    There is site that offers several sample programs in C# and VB.Net, I am just looking into one of them: Ozeki C# VoIP SDK - A SIP SDK for software developers

    Hope you will find it useful.

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    Here is a link that lets you combine C# with Visual Studio. Getting Started Tutorials

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    C# Online.NET is now called Visual C# Developer Center. The new URL is:

    Visual C# Developer Center

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    Online resource for Microsoft Developers

    Net-Informations.Com - Free online resource for Microsoft .NET developers

    C#, VB.Net and Asp.Net tutorial with source code


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