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    void main????


    I just downloaded the SharpDevelop (from Ken's link in the sticky post with all the links)
    I created my first hello applicatoin. Well, the wizard did, I didn't do anything. And I noticed that it says void Main.
    Is this normal with C#?
    My guess is not because the OS still will expect an integer as return value.
    So is the wizard wrong or am I ?
    using System;
    class MainClass
    	public static void Main(string[] args)
    		string test;
    		Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
    Also, what book do you recomend? nvoigt posted some great links (thanks nv ), but what about books? I'm not that good with learning from tutorials, I need a books to learn something


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    Your program is fine. C# uses public static void Main. Microsoft 'borrowed' it from Java.

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    Yes, your IDE is right about that... public static void /*puke*/ main

    What books will be helpful highly depends on what you want to do. Petzold has a book out that's called "Programming Microsoft Windows with C#". Pretty nice if you want to do GUI stuff, but not the type of bible the C/C++ book used to be. "Inside C#" from Microsoft press is good if you already know C++ or Java and just need to know how to transfer your knowledge to another syntax and it's quirks. "C# Essentials" from O'Reilly is a cheap but ok book to look things up if you already have a keyword to look for.

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    thx for the advice guys

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    I just ordered the Petzold book.
    the bookstore made an error instead of pricing it at 75 (price of the translated dutch book) they've put 20 on it . I think by law they have to sell it at the price they advertise it.
    I think I made a good deal here .
    I don't have it yet, I just ordered it, I hope they'll keep their part of the deal.

    Lucky me.

    Anyway, this conlcudes my funny story for today

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