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    barcode reader

    do u know how can i introduce a barcode reader into my app..
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    your post is not very specific, connect to the barcode reader through Rs232 or usb, im not sure how to deal with a usb connection in c but rs232(serial) is simple. Open the port as a file, you can set baud settings etc. The bar code reader specification will tell you how the reader communicates. then its just a case of recieveing the packets it sends into your program. Get the technical specification for your reader and it will be more clear
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    Iain is right,such apps. require knowledge of hardware.
    That aside,u can find barcode reading programs at .
    A shareware program which reads barcodes and interprets them can be found at .
    U can also post ur needs at .Maybe some programmer there might have the solution(but it'll cost u big bucks.)

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