Hello everyone,

You all are probably tired of seeing my name on this message board. I do apologize if I am irritating you all. I am constantly trying to learn and constantly running into complications. The problem I have now is with a setup program I am trying to build. In dealing with the Launch Conditions Window. I am trying to search for the existance of DirectX 8.0. I browsed through my registry and came up with the following. I took a screen shot of my regedit to make it clear. In Visual Studio .NET the properties for a registry search are RegKey and Value. The appropriate RegKey would be SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/DIRECTX. I am having problems determining the correct value to use. If I use the data, my error message pops up. If I use a name (Version), the installation continues. But if all I search for is version, it will install no matter what version of DirectX the target machine has. How would I search for DirectX 8 in the registry?????????????????

Thanks for the Help,