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    printing a .jpg

    Okay i am creating an invoice .So my idea is to create a .jpg file with lines drawn to produce a company's invoice sheet.Then i would put that .jpg file as the background of a form .Where i would have controls added to the form ...I hope u are still with me?? Okay then when the person is finished entering his data , i would then take those string and draw them on the .jpg (invoice image file) and print it .

    My first question is does White color get printed? And how will i print out a .jpg file .I havent found any help fom the sdk or found any tutorials .
    Any information on printing would be great ..Advice on printing an invoice would be great to ..

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    jpg is a bad format for something as exact as lines. I recommend png.

    I don't know how printing in general works, but undoubtly you will at one point get a Graphics for the printer. Simply draw your image on this Graphics.

    As for white color: maybe you can imagine a way to print white on white paper with a printer that can mix cyan, magenta, yellow and black, but I can't
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