Quick question about setup projects.

I am trying to create a setup project that will only install if the required application(Windows Media Encoder) is installed. I add a launch condition for the Windows Media Encoder, and it works fine. It gives me a message and cancels the install. The problem is that if the launch condition is triggered, I would like to open a web page to the Windows Media Downloads page. I have a small project that will do that added to the setup project. I have tried adding it to each node in the custom actions editor, but the web page will not execute. If I take out the launch condition, it will then execute. How can I accomplish this feat???? One more thing, the setup application comes with a predefined launch condition(MsiNetAssemblySupport) that is supposed to detect if the NET runtime is installed on the target PC. Every time I install on a PC without the NET framework, it does not stop the install. It continues with the installation. Any suggestion about that?????