Thread: palyin mp3 or wma

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    palyin mp3 or wma

    hi i want play music files to my app ..I searched the SDK for .net and found no class that does that ....If there is a class then let me know or should i just use the winAPI functions??

    Note: I am not making a player or anything like that just wanna add sound to my splash screen

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    You can import the WinAPI functions. Look for DllImportAttribute and Interop as keywords. Or you can use DirectSound if you have it available.

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    I don't know if you would want to take this path, but for me to play audio files I am using Windows Media Player SDK. I just embed the Player in my app. It works out pretty well for me. Using the Media Encoder and Media Player SDKs I am able to record and playback audio files. Hope that helps.


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