I know you all are tired of seeing my posts, but how will I ever learn if I don't ask?????lol And yes, I have been reading and searching, but there is not much on advanced audio programming other than MSDN. Anyway,

The question at hand is that when I encode an input source from the microphone, it encodes fine. If I play it back using windows media player, it plays back fine, it pauses, fast forwards, rewinds, etc. When I implement playback into my encoding program, it plays back fine. It will not pause, fastforward or rewind. MSDN documentation says that some files do not support pause, ff, and rw. I debugged the app with a line of code like this to see if pause, ff, rw is available for the file:

yorn = Player.controls.get_isAvailable("fastForward");

It keeps coming up false. I am just guessing here, but are those settings set in the encoding process? If so, then how do I set them? Otherwise, why will pause, ff, and rw not work????? Any ideas?????


P.S. Just to let it be know.......using WMEncoder and WMPlayer with C#.