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    Angry J#,only about J#

    This is a question related to J# and to add to your anger,its a very stupid one too.
    Now don't get fired up to flame me,I did ask everyone to create a separate .net forum,but they said I should use the C# forum to address my querries.
    Getting down to business,I'm a hobbyist but would like to also learn J#.Now,before I start buying books on J#,I would like to know some basics about it.I use Visual Studio Enterprise Architect and supposedly,J# is installed in it(atleast the splash screen says so).Can u tell me how to actually start a J# project,the New Project shows no J# options.
    Hope to get replies soon.

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    First, I would really advise you to switch to either C# or pure Java. J# will not be supported nor continued by Microsoft.

    That said, if J# is installed on your system, you will find J# projects in File->New->Project->J# Projects like any other language you have installed. If it's not there, try to reinstall.

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