I have heard this alot on the irc chat rooms

>> microsoftbalah that OS sucks....its to slow... it takes to much space to install ..and all that yap yap

okay this is what i belive...and it's my opinion so dont take it to personal

[it takes to much space to install]
Microsoft is A strictly GUI OS....So installation would take space no matter what because its using graphics ..colors and all that fun stuff...

[its to slow]

I do agree the kernal of microsoft cant be compares to unix ...
but the idea is to make a very user friendly OS ...Like i said most of the problem is caused because microsoft is GUI only ...to much processor and ram is givin in to that....Microsoft did do a very good job with XP??

Microsoft has the worlds best programmers on there hand ..So improvent is possible... Microsofts technologys are really good and impressive