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    Class Lib Intellisense

    So, I'm making a C# Class Library and I comment it properly so the end users can see my documentation in the Intellisense.
    but it doesn't show up !

    		/// <summary> The Remarks </summary>		
    		/// <param name="str">tehsdf sadfj</param>
    		public static void fnc(string str){

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    As far as I know, the intellisense will show the normal comments. Xml style triple-slash comments will be built into a helpfile when you select the option from one of the menus ( don't have studio on this pc, sorry ).

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    I hate that when I write comments, they don't show up. Simply restart VS.NET or if that doesn't work, delete the .ncb files (or the REALLY large database files in your project's directory). Then restart VS.NET.

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