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    .NET Question

    Hello everyone,

    Got a question of course. This question is more focused on Visual Studio .NET. Although, I am trying to use C#. I am trying to work with a MYSQL database with .NET and am having some problems using the data tools provided. There is a SQLDataAdapter and a OLEDBDataAdapter. I cannot use SQLDataAdapter because it is for Microsoft SQL Server. When I try to use the OLEDBDataAdapter wizard and use the following settings:

    ->Under Provider Tab
    ->OLEDB for ODBC Drivers
    ->Click Next
    ->I then select the DSN representing the MYSQL Database and click Test Connection. It makes a connection fine, but when I click OK, it tells me "The connection you have created does not work with the current adapter."

    Does the Data Tools provided with .NET not work with MYSQL????
    How would I get MYSQL to work with C#, other than using the ODBC API directly???????


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    I believe MySQL offers some oledb tools - here

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