Thread: C# compiler???

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    C# compiler???

    What compiler can/do you use to compile c# code? I have looked through this c# forum but have found nothing and I can't find anything on microsofts web site. Does c# book by charles petzold use win32 as the api? If so then is it better to learn win32 using c# thatn c?

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    The C# compiler is included in the free .NET Framework SDK:

    If you need an IDE, I guess MS Visual Studio is the best. There might be some free IDEs around, check the links in the sticky thread.

    C# does not use the WinAPI, it uses the .NET Framework which is a different set of classes not unlike MFC but a lot easier to use and more powerful.

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    If you plan on writing C# code, picking up VS.NET is your best choice.

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    If your only just getting into it and don't have money to spend downloading the framework with the SDK should be good enough, or I belive you can order the cd if you have a bad/slow connectin though I've downloaded on my 56k.
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