Thread: How to Ini variables in C#

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    How to Ini variables in C#

    Hello! Maybe my title name was a bad choice huh? I am new to C# and am using Visual C# .NET

    I need to know where in my code that I can Ini variables so that they can be used anywhere in my program for example. Say I wanted to use

    DirectSound Ds;
    more than once. Where do I place it? Thanks!
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    You cannot have variables outside of a class like in C/C++. However, if you have static member of a class, you can access them from anywhere you can access the class type.


    You have one class that contains the static main function.
    If this is your form class as VS puts it as default I suggest you put the main function in a class of it's own. Call it "Global" or something similar. Now for each global variable you need create a public static member. Take an integer for example:

    class Global
    public static int Test = 7;

    //main function here

    Now you can access this int anywhere:

    Global.Test = 8;

    if( Global.Test != 9 ) ...

    Please note that if a class contains only static members, as this probably will, it is good practice to have an explicit private contructor, so noone using this class can create an instance of it.

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