Thread: How can I pass int arrays from C++ to C#?

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    How can I pass int arrays from C++ to C#?


    Currently I have some code in C++ that makes callbacks to C# code. I pass in a function pointer (or a delegate in C#-speak) of a C# method into C++ and C++ just calls it whenever it needs to. Everything was fine until C++ had to pass an int array back to C# through the callback as an argument.

    C# only sees the first element in the array and thinks that the array is of size 1. Is there any way to fix this? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


    p.s. - sorry for double-posting... this is about C++/C# conversion and I wasn't sure if one board was better than the other for this question so I put it in both... could I suggest the creation of a board on the interoperations between C, C++ and C#? Or is the community for such a topic still too small to sustain a forum?

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    Dude, at least read my message... before accusing me of cross-posting

    I did apologize for that already!!! I'm disappointed that you bothered to post to state the obvious without even reading my messages thoroughly

    I don't know which community I should really seek help from since this bridges C++ and C#...

    fine i'll do it again: I'm sorry for cross-posting and I just realized that many of you may read all the forums, but there are occasions where I don't know whether this is an issue for C++ experts or C# gurus.

    And again I'd like to suggest the possibility of a forum for interoperability issues.



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    Is it managed or unmanaged C++ ?

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    It's unmanaged C++.

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