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    Question Msidl

    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials or even some good books on the MSIDL itself. I've been developing applications(have not developed any web applications.) using C#, VB.NET and a little J# for about 6 or so months and when using the ildasm.exe, I don't understand some of ILAsm instructions. Also, can you do inline ILAsm using any of the IL supported languages? Because when looking at the ILAsm code C# creates you might be able to optimize a bit of it(looks like boxing and unboxing can be optimized allot with inline ILAsm.), but then again I don't understand allot of it so you might not be able to optimize it! Anyway, if anyone know of any good tutorials or books please let me know.
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    There is a book specifically on the intermediate language. I have it, but I didn't read it. It's around though. This isn't a joke, the book is written by the actual programmer who created the intermediate language. Check amazon.

    It's a microsoft press book.

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    If you start to optimize MSIL code, you might be working on the wrong end. If speed is critical for your application, you should build an unmanaged, native C++ application. The Framework has the intention of managing everything below framework level for you. ASM is obsolete, even MSIL. If you need it, the framework is not the right tool for you.

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    If you are interested, then here's the link that TK was refering to - here (at least I think that's the one )

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