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    C# info

    I understand this is new, and I would like to learn more about it. I was wondering if anybody read a good book on it, and what the book would be.

    I'm goign to purchase one shortley and want a good one thats not full of "fluff"

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    if you are interested in the C# syntax and Windows Form programming, the book "MICROSOFT VISUAL C#.NET" by
    Mickey Willams(ISBN 0-7356-1290-0) is one of the great ones

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    Inside C# ( Tom Archer, MS Press ) is quite ok.

    If you need a manual to look up windows programming with C#, there is a Petzold for C#, too:

    Programming Microsoft Windows with C# ( Charles Petzold, MS Press )

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    Before thowing a bunch of book titles out there, first tell us what your programming background is. Have you done any object oriented programming before?

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    in response to troll_king:

    I"m a have studied c,c++, java, html, and COBOL. I know the c languages pretty good, all the programs I have writen though have been for dos. So that covers my experience, I've been using c for 2 years, and c++ for a little over a year.

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    The Charles Petzold book is good because it deals with the .net Base Class Library. The BCL is reuseable in any of the .net languages. This book doesn't cover the C# language itself very well though, so you need more than one book: Programming Microsoft Windows with C# ( Charles Petzold, MS Press )

    In order to learn the language and have a more comprehensive look at OOP and the C# language itself that starts from the beginning: C# Primer Plus by Klaus Michelsen followed by C# Primer A Practical Approach by Stanley B. Lippman.

    Lastly, in order to understand more about the framework itself, try, Applied Microsoft .net Framework Programming by Jef Richter.

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    Those are good recommendations. Also, look at the Wrox Press titles on C# programming as well.

    Mr. C.

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