I am taking a .netII course. Through the book there are "try this" options. I have both 2017 and 2019 Visual Studio on multiple pc's. However, they are asking to create a resource library. Yet when I follow the instructions I have no option to create a resource library and am totally lost how to do this. Could someone please help me figure this out.

Below are the exact instructions:

Creating the Main Window: KarliCards Gui\GameClientWindow.xaml
  1. Create a new Resource Dictionary by right‐clicking the project and selecting Add ⇨ Resource Dictionary. Name it ControlResources.xaml.
  2. Create a new Control Template for a label like this:

When I follow the directions I don't see that option as I stated. This is on multiple projects on both 2019 and 2017. Maybe I have something configured wrong?
Need help figuring this out-not-there-jpg