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    Object not showing member values


    Its been a while since I did any programming, so my error maybe obvious to you guys, but the problem I'm having is that when I construct a new object, the debugger isn't showing the objects member variables values, just the name of the object. So it looks as if the object is being created, but all of its contents are being lost, if that makes sense.

    I'm using Visual Studio Community 2017.

    This is the constructor:
    Session sessiona = new Session(email, password, timeToWaitMin, timeToWaitMax, groupUrls);
    And this is the definition:

    class Session
            public Session(string email, string password, int timeToWaitMin, int timeToWaitMax, string[] groupUrls)
                string _email = email;
                string _password = password;
                int _timeToWaitMin = timeToWaitMin;
                int _timeToWaitMax = timeToWaitMax;
                string[] _groupUrls = groupUrls;
    But hopefully you can see in the image below that the object's name is showing (sessiona), but there is no dropdown icon to the left of the name for me to check the values of the member variables, it just isn't there, as if teh object has been created, but it has none of the values I passed to the constructor.

    Can anyone suggest why I cannot see them at all?

    Many thanks
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    Just to say I have solved my problem.

    I had declared the member variables inside the class declaration.

    I have now declared them outside of the declaration and now I can see the member variable values during debug.

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