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    Question A Java programmer learning C#

    Hi everyone, as you may notice, I'm new to these boards, I searched for a C# board and found this one.
    I just want to ask, Java has a well documented API and lots of tutorials @ Sun site, and C++ tutorials are everywhere, what about C#? I got 2 books about C#, I think I'm good in the fundamentals now, but I want to know some advanced topics in C# like database access and networking, there are there any good tutorials on the web?
    If not then how did you learn C#, books or what?
    BTW, I visited MSDN site and didn't find anything useful, also I checked some of the links in the C# links page and found nothing useful, did I miss something here?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm also a Java developer trying to learn C#. Depending on how experienced you are in Java, C# shouldn't be hard to pick up. As for online help, MSDN is awesome. You can find everything in the language (just like the JavaDoc for Java on Java.Sun) there.

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    VS and MSDN are a good team if you know what you want to do. For examples, visit the sites given in the top thread of this board.

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