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    Person Search function

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to make a program in CSharp where you can search up a person with their first name, at this current time I have made it search up but it will only work with one name.

    What I have now:

    Person Search function-ghthszx-png
    Person Search function-71lpmxh-png
    Person Search function-uwx7g7m-png

    But I want to be to able to search up someones name i.e "John" and it will list all the Johns in the database and you can click view and it will view all the other information like the 3rd image. But I can't get my head around on how I am able to list all Johns like so:
    Person Search function-wqbqccc-png

    and be able to click view and see all other information etc.


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    Using WinForms, I'd probably start with a user control for each of the "records", a Person class that's populated from the database and acts as a data source for the user control, then use a flow layout control in the form which lays out multiple instances of the user control.

    That said, you probably want to consider how to handle hundreds or thousands of results, because that would cause both display issues and performance issues.
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