Thread: Where to PRACTICE C#?

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    Where to PRACTICE C#?

    I wonder what would be the best online place or method or recommendations on getting some realy C# practicing after completing several online courses?

    I am not looking for problems what would make you traverse an array or just looping with if/for conditionals, etc. I meant, real stuff building several clases, inheriting from one another, etc.

    Any clues?

    Final destination would be MVC practicing (so I'm up to good recommendations there a well) but was hopping to solidify C# first.


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    By writing some real programs.

    Windows Software -
    Study some existing programs.
    Find projects which interest you.
    Lurk on the discussion email lists.
    Browse the bug / feature lists.
    Learn the development lifecycle of the project.
    Make contributions.
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    thank you

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