Thread: XNA/MonoGame with 3D Game Programming and Design

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    XNA/MonoGame with 3D Game Programming and Design

    I'm curious if it would be worth it to learn MonoGame for C#, or if I should dive into OpenGL or some other API and C++. Is there any benefits to learning it through MonoGame first, or would I bet better off trying to learn it more directly.

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    If OpenGL/DirectX and C++ is your end game, you should probably just go straight to learning that.

    Personally, I've found XNA (or MonoGame) and C# to be sufficient for games I've made and there are thousands of games out there that were developed on the same platform.

    So I guess my answer is, it depends on your goal. I'm getting the vibe from your question that you find MonoGame/C# to be inferior to OpenGL/C++ and that you view it as just an optional stepping stone. If that's your view, then just learn what you're aiming to end up with. I do want to stress though, that this answer is solely based on your perception. MonoGame/C# is a perfectly valid end goal in my opinion.
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