Thread: Need Help. Program to collect internet data.

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    Need Help. Program to collect internet data.

    Need a little help. First off I'm not asking anyone to write a program for me because I would rather write the program myself, I just need some help determining the language and process for executing my program. I have some experience writing C++ although I think my program will be a little more advanced than C++... I am sorry in advance if I am being vauge but I will try to clarify as I go along.

    So I have a large number of Serial Numbers that can be inputed into a form submission on a website that also requires a captcha input. The serial numbers are associated with data that I need to retrieve from an online database so as to create my own local database. The online database contains at least 7 fields of data that is associated with each serial number. What I need my program to do is automate the inputing of serial numbers into the online submission form, pass a captcha and collect the fields of data for each serial number and pass the data into an excel spreadsheet locally on my computer. Essentially what I think I am doing is web scrapping with a decaptcha. I would prefer to write the program rather than use an already designed program although if anyone believes they know of a program that could do what I ask that would help too. If anyone could help me with the pseudo code for writing the program. Thanks!

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    So you intend to write your own captcha-defeating mechanism?

    The whole point of captcha is to prevent someone from doing what you're trying to do.

    Are you sure there's no API that the site offers to accomplish your goal?
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