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    Advice about variable type

    Hey all

    My goal is to create a class with a method for sending a register name and value.

    In C I would use a typedef + enum to create a list of registers to be sent serially using a function.

    typedef enum RegList Registers;
    SendPacket( Registers Address, unsigned int Data)
    I'd like to know what some of the strategies that are used in C# to create these register names to passed into the method. Would a public enum in the method's class be the best way? Is there another neater way I'm missing?
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    See c# structs.

    An enum seems too restrictive. I'm not sure what registers means in the context of your program. But seeing the word address associated with them, indicates to me you may want to eventually add, change or remove addresses from your program. With a struct you can create the functionality to do this at runtime.
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    Thanks for the reply - The "registers" are on an external device.

    I'm sending a frame via RS232 which has a register name and some data that I want to send to it.

    I was originally going to use a switch statement to find what register needs to be modified (using an enum), and then constructing the appropriate string to modify it.

    Now I'm not using any subroutine to send these packets (yucky, I know).

    Now that I have had time to think about it, I think that a class is a better way to go. The class could have
    Constant command string (identifies what register is being modified in frame)
    Int16 data (the data is always a 16 bit integer)
    Send data (a method for sending the information)

    I'm primaraly a C programmer, so OOP does not come naturally to me - Any advice is very much appreciated!
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