Thread: Need help with display of array

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    Cool Need help with display of array

    I have been working for over a week on this program and I have it almost done. I just can't get one last part.

    I have to display the contents of an array in two columns, instead of one. I have previously entered the elements in this character array with a cin. getline. I can enter up to 20 item. However many items I enter must be split equally into 2 columns that are equally spaced on an 80 line page(standard page). If I enter an odd number of items the last item will be in the first column making that column one item longer. How do i do this? I have tried strlen and "%2" and" /2". The array header looks like this: char Items[20][32]. I have used a counter and a bubble sort and can get the string to print out alpabetically in one column. How to I get it to print out into two equispaced columns?

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    This is the C# section, post this in the C++ section
    with some relevent code.

    ie. this loop makes it go 1 off the page ...

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