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    dynamic window form


    I am supposed to write a program in which the user should enter the number of categories available and their features value and then ....

    I want the form to be somehow dynamic and changeable based on the entered number for the category. But I have no idea if itís possible and if yes how should I do that.

    I want to get the number of the categories in a textbox and then a table appears in the form in which the columns stand for the categories and rows are the features. And the user enters the value directly in the table.

    Is it possible?
    If yes would you kindly guide me how to do so?
    Is there a better way to get the input data for this program?

    Thanks a lot

    Here is an example of the table while there are just 3 categories and each one has 2 features.
    ------ cat 1 cat 2 cat 3
    val 1 25 35 45
    val 2 3 4 5

    The number of categories can be changed but the number of features is always 2.

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    Sounds like a DataGridView is what you need.

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