Thread: What is the best way to learn WCF?

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    What is the best way to learn WCF?

    I am trying to learn WCF services. But it got a massive information on attributes which needed to be squeezed into mind. What is the best way to handle these memorizing stuff.

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    You don't become a programmer by committing to memory an entire API.
    That just makes you a library on legs.

    You learn about concepts, and how to apply those concepts to solving problems.

    If you know you need to call foo(), but you're not sure whether it's foo(a,b) or foo(b,a) to call it, then it's a few seconds looking things up in the manual.

    But if you don't know how to use foo() with everything else to solve a problem, knowing that it's foo(b,a) won't do you any good at all unless the question comes up on a quiz at some point.
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    The best way to learn anything computer related is to do it. look up tutorials and examples, and try to understand what they do, and why. if you do it enough, certain parts of it will become second nature. even the less frequently used portions will still be familiar, and it's perfectly acceptable to look up the proper usage. nobody, apart from teachers/instructors/professors, will ever expect you to quote chapter and verse from some reference manual.

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