Thread: Is there a way to tell that the variable is still unused using logical operators?

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    Question Is there a way to tell that the variable is still unused using logical operators?

    I am still new to this programming, my goal is to be able to tell whether the variable is already used using the logical operators. And if the variable is not yet used, then there will be some list of things to do after that.

    I would really be thankful if someone helps me...
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    There are tools (eg Resharper) with capabilities to detect unused symbols (including variables) in C# code.

    However, such tools can be fooled (eg by code which uses reflection) into incorrectly reporting a variable as unused, so always manually check what is reported.

    No operators in the language provide a means to detect if a variable is unused. By definition, when an operator acts on a variable (eg retrieves its value, converts the value, changes the value) the variable is in use.
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    You could create your own class that wraps the variable and only grants access to it through a property, then have a boolean to tell wether that property has been accessed:
    class AccessTracked<T>
        private T m_value;
        public T Value
                Accessed = true;
                return m_value;
                Accessed = true;
                m_value = value;
        public bool Accessed
            private set;
        public AccessTracked(T initialValue)
            m_value = initialValue;
            Accessed = false;

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    That works but it hides a major logic flaw. Why do you care what variables have been accessed in a statement? Referring back to grumpy's post, if you wrote the statement and manually accessed the variable by including it in the statement....then you already know if it was accessed or not b/c you put it in the statement.

    What exactly are you trying accomplish here? If we know more context we might be able to guide you in a better direction.
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