Thread: Help Parsing String into an ip address

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    Help Parsing String into an ip address

    So im trying to parse a string into a Ip Address but i have a problem, the IPAddress.Parse method only works for ipv4 address's how do i parse ANY Ip address into a string, if i use the IPaddress.Parse method on my public(remote) IP it throws an exception but on ipv4 local ip it doesn't how do i parse ANY ip address the user inputs as a string as an Ip Address? Please help

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    What specifically is it failing on? It should work just fine. Try your question again, this time with proper grammar. I can barely tell what you're having problems with.
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    Holy balls. After you type a sentence and put a period, you make a space. Take my syntax as an example. Seriously, that was painful as hell to read.

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    You mention your local IP address being ipv4, so I'm assuming your "public(remote)" ip address is ipv6? I've never used ipv6 before, but a quick test...

    // a random ipv6 address
    String test_ip = "2001:0db8:85a3:0042:0000:8a2e:0370:7334";
    // convert to IPAddress object
    IPAddress test_addr = IPAddress.Parse(test_ip);
    // confirm it worked?
    ...showed the IPAddress object as being capable of supporting this feature. I can only suggest that you are inputting a badly formatted ip address. Perhaps you could provide an example of a user input which throws the exception?

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    Thanks guys, the problem was bad input, i apologize for the grammatical errors in my post!

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