Thread: tool for exposing relations between objects?

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    tool for exposing relations between objects?

    Is there a tool for C# that exposes coupling between objects by makeing a visual representation of the software?

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    You mean like, in Visual Studio, if you right-click your project and choose View Class Diagram?
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    No, like a tool that shows relations between objects. When one object uses 10 times another object it would show 10 lines between the objects. I want to get the amount of coupling exposed

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    Never heard of such a tool and it's output would be nonsense anyway. How many lines would you draw between two objects where one has a List<T> of the other? The measure of coupling has no relation to the quantity of a specific class in a has-a relationship.

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    That can be expressed in UML via endpoint values on composition and aggregation symbols but would make no sense in any other context.

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