Thread: Help with Windows forms application - NOOB ALERT

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    Help with Windows forms application - NOOB ALERT

    Hello I'm at college at the moment and I've just started playing around with Visual Studio 2010 and creating a simple GUI applications.

    I have made an application that will install a product key or OEM certificate to Windows 7. It's quite a basic process and uses system commands to do so. I chose to make this simply to make it easier for me to install product keys etc on a fresh install

    This is what I have:

    Help with Windows forms application - NOOB ALERT-consolescreenshot18-jpg

    It works fine but it does not give the user any option as to which key/certificate to install.

    I have added the menuStrip and filled it with data but how can I have the user select a key and the when press "Install Key" to install that key?

    Any input or guidance is greatly appreciated.


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    Shouldn't the user be entering the product key? It should be tied to their individual purchase, right?
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    Based on your UI you need to populate the combo box with items. Then you need to respond to the combo box selection changed event to detect when an item has been selected. However I would think an edit control would work better for this type of input since you can easily use a regular expression with it. Product keys usually have a specific format and you need to validate the input to ensure it is in the correct format. Microsoft has the best method for entering product keys where each edit control is exactly the size it needs to be and each edit control can be tabbed through as well as auto tab through as you type in the key. A combo box is not the best control for this task.

    As to the buttons you will need to respond to their click events and then write the appropriate handler code or call out to a common method to perform more processing.

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