Thread: C# output to file and colunms

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    C# output to file and colunms


    I have a simple c# program that takes the user input in text box and then the contents are output to a file, very simple. The only problem I'm having is that I have about three columns and can't get the files to output in the format I want.

    So here is what it looks like:

    Colunm1 Colunm2 Colunm3
    Label desc usr input box

    private void saveToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                string[] lines = { textBox1.Text, textBox3.Text, textBox7.Text };
                System.IO.File.WriteAllLines(@"C:\TestFolder\Writeline.txt", lines);
    So the above code works ok, but it only outputs colunm1 for label. How do I format the code so that the other two colunms and rows are output and aligned?

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    You're just going to have write the lines manually I guess. Open a TextWriter and do something like:
    writer.WriteLine("{0}\t{1}\t{2}", textBox1.Text, textBox3.Text, textBox7.Text);
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