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    Help with strategy script

    Hi everyone,

    I have been trying to compile a trading strategy but i keep getting a single error CS1513.

    I cant find the problem and its driving me mad. I am not a programmer so its very hard for me to fix.

    Can someone please point out my mistake and how I can fix it.
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    If anyone knows of any training material on C# please let me know.


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    Looks like you're missing a closing brace for the OnPositionClosed() method.
    	public override void OnPositionClosed()
    		// when a position is closed, cancel the limit and stop
    		// orders that might be associated with this position.
    		// But only cancel if the order has not been filled or
    		// not been cancelled already.
    		if (OCAExitEnabled &&
    			!(limitOrder.IsFilled || limitOrder.IsCancelled))
    		// allow entries once again, since our position is closed
    		entryEnabled = true;
    	} // <-- Right here
    	public override void OnStopExecuted(Stop stop)
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