Thread: getting instance object is null compile error in Visual Studios 2010 Express

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    getting instance object is null compile error in Visual Studios 2010 Express

     public class ColorGenetics
            public static hk1Class jw;
            public static linkedClass link;
            static void Main(string[] args)
                var jw = new hk1Class();
                var link = new linkedClass();
    Code builds fine but compiler says I tried to use bject link w/o providing an instance.

    Class linkedClass has an instance of Class hk1Class set to var jw1.
    I had linkedClass useing the same var jw for the object instance. I changed it to jw1 thinking that would clear it up and it didn't.

    How do I correct it?

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    Why are you using the 'var' keyword there? That's used to define an implicitly typed variable. Just get rid of the vars since you already have them defined in the class scope.
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    ok. I got rid of the vars and was getting unhandled exception error.
    I did some reading about C# can only inherit from a base class but can indirectly inherit thru other classes.
    So I moved the ref to linkedClass into the base class and no more error.

    I will need to do more debug testing to see if I am accessing linkedClass. 1st I've got to tighten up user input error trapping to catch another error I just noticed.

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