Thread: How to populate image tree faster.

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    How to populate image tree faster.

    Hi...could someone help me figure out how load my thumbnails either faster....or just in the background so I can still use my UI? I have a form that loads/imports photos and it takes about 5 to 6 seconds to load thumbnails of just average sized photos. I'm using a progress bar which is just sitting in the middle of my UI until the thumbnails load. Can someone help out? Here is my populateTree function: (I'm using a e.Graphics.DrawImage() in my Utilities.cs to draw the actual thumbnail)

    private void PopulateTree()
                string[] albumList = Directory.GetFiles(_directoryCurrentUser, "*" + ".album");
                treeView_Albums.Nodes.Clear(); //Clears nodes so they can be added again
                int totalAlbums = albumList.Count();
                //Loop through each found file and add it to tree. Set its path and show the file name
                for (int i = 0; i < totalAlbums; i++)
                    var node = new TreeNode
                                       Name = albumList[i],
                                       Text =
                                           Utilities.getNameFromPath(albumList[i]) +
                                       ImageIndex = 0
                    if (node.Name == _albumData.FilePath) //Highlight if album node is open
                        node.BackColor = Color.LightGray;
    Using VSPro2010
    Thanks in advance....

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    Before populating the tree, call BeginUpdate Method. When you're done populating it, call EndUpdate Method.
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