Thread: error: object ref. required for non static field

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    error: object ref. required for non static field

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Collections;
    namespace RabbitGenetics
        public class JWClass
            //Jersey Wooly Color Genetics
            // create list for sire data
            public List<int> siregtype = new List<int>();
            //create list for dam data
            public List<int> damgtype = new List<int>();
            // set sire & dam array size
            public const int rows = 128;
            public const int columns = 7;
            // create lists for dictionaries
            public List<int> colorslist = new List<int>();
            public List<int> gtypelist = new List<int>();
            // create sire & dam data 2D arrays
            public int[,] siredata = new int[rows, columns];
            public int[,] damdata = new int[rows, columns];
            //create offspring 1D array
            public int[] offspring = new int[14];
            // create sire & dam 1D arrays
            public int[] sire = new int[14];
            public int[] dam = new int[14];
            //create child 4D array
          //  public int[, , ,] child = new int[color_counter, 4];
            public Dictionary<string, int> colors = new Dictionary<string, int> { };
            public string color; //name key
            Dictionary<string, string> geneo = new Dictionary<string, string> { };
            public string gtype; // geneotype key
            // gene groups
            public int Broken, Agouti, Brown, Colour, Dilute, Ext, Vienna;
            // Vienna types flags
            bool vienna = false; bool vm = false; bool vc = false;
            //color flags
            bool dilute = false; bool charlie = false; bool broken = false; bool rew = false;
            // data holders
            public int sen1, sen2, sa1, sa2, sb1, sb2, sc1, sc2, sd1, sd2, se1, se2, sv1, sv2;
            public int den1, den2, da1, da2, db1, db2, dc1, dc2, dd1, dd2, de1, de2, dv1, dv2;
            public char colorpct;
            //declare counters
            public int sirecounter = 0;
            public int damcounter = 0;
            public int offspringcounter = 0;
            public int totalcount = 0;
            public int color_count = 0;
            // public color_counter = 0;
            public static bool e_trap;
        } // end JWClass
        public class Genetics
          // public JWClass jw;
            static void Main()
                  var  jw = new JWClass();
              //  obj = new JWClass();
            } // end Main
            // start program run
              public static  void prog()
               //array setup variiables for parsing combinations into the correct fields.
             jw.Broken = (jw.rows / 2);
            } // end prog
         } // End Class GenticsClass
    } // end Namespace RabbitGenetics
    I can't figure why I'm getting this error.
    I want to access and/or modify vars in class JWClass from class Genetics.
    I'm new to C# and OOP programming style.
    My background is COBOL using the structured style

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    You're attempting to access the non-static instance "jw" from within a static method. Change:

    public JWClass jw;

    public static JWClass jw;

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    Thanks. That did the trick.

    It then showed another error where I couldn't access var rows.
    Seems I can not use an instance to access it. So I used JWClass.rows and it works.

    Also found out I can use an instance for all the following vars that reference the var Broken

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    Constants are always static, because they don't change for every instance, so it doesn't make sense to allocate memory for them for every instance.

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