Thread: DLL import from resource?

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    DLL import from resource?

    I am pretty new to C# and I'm wondering if it's possible to directly load a DLL from resource? Right now I'm extracting the embedded DLL and then loading the function like this.
    // Function to take resource name and extract it to file location of second parameter
    ExtractResourceToFile( "D3DWRAP.embed", "D3DWrapper.dll" );
    private static extern void createoverlay();
    I would much prefer to do this..
    private static extern void createoverlay();
    So is it possible to load the DLL function directly from the embedded resource or do I need to extract it first?
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    Not without serious hackery (i.e. writing your own implementation of LoadLibrary()).

    A commercial package does exist which lets you pack DLLs into your EXE and use them without needed to write them to disk, but I don't remember what it's called or what it costs (it isn't free).

    The simplest is what you suggested yourself, write the resource to disk as a DLL and then open it with LoadLibrary(). Note that this is considered "sketchy" behavior and you may trigger antivirus software.
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    Indeed that will trigger anti-virus software. Why do you need to rely on this type of behavior? Perhaps there is a better approach.

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